Introducing Spot!

It’s time to introduce the main star of this blog! Spot!

Spot is a ~2001 model Bay TBxCriollo that was imported from Argentina and played pro polo down in Southern California. I met Spot after she had been donated to my collegiate polo team after her owner was forced to retire from polo after a bad accident.

Now, you’re probably wondering why a solid bay mare is named Spot. The first time I laid eyes on her I asked the polo manager, “Who’s the cute horse with the spot on its butt?” At the time, the men’s polo team had named her OP, short for Optimus Prime, but I thought it was a dreadful name and decided to just call her Spot.

photo (9)

Look at the cute hiney! Dawww

Spot was/is an amazing polo pony. She always played super hard and wasn’t afraid of the being physical in the “bump” or “ride off” to get possession of the ball. Oh, and did I mention that she’s super fast!? Spot was definitely one of those horses you either loved or hated and I of course was in the Love category. During the last year or two of school I wasn’t able to go out and play as often and somehow during that time Spot became super head shy to the point of not being to halter her. We think that someone had eared her to get a bridle on. Somehow, she decided that I was ok to put a halter on her and at that moment I decided I would ask to buy her. $1500 later she was mine. It took me 3 months of working with her 2x a day to be able to halter/bridle her without her freaking out. Now, she loves having her face and ears rubbed.

In the beginning mostly what we worked was being able to ride in a snaffle and not a double gag bridle with a standing martingale.


Typical polo bridle set up (not Spot) 

Now we ride do just about anything in a snaffle. Yay!

Long story short, Spot is just an amazing horse. She’s rarely spooky, loads in any trailer (and I mean any trailer), steps off the trailer in new places like its old hat, isn’t herd bound in the slightest, easy keeper, and she puts her heart into whatever we do. She is most definitely my heart horse.


Anyways, somehow along the way dressage caught my interest and we’re slowly working towards a few shows in the future. But, I’ll save our training trials for future posts. =D

But now for a few fun facts!!

Nickname(s): Spot, Spotacus, Spotty, Hoover

Future Show Name: Spot On

Favorite Treats: Anything…she once gobbled up 3 dog biscuits before I could stop her. Loves garlic triscuit/wheat thins and your normal horse treats.

Favorite Thing to Spook At:  Large, oddly shaped dirt clods. Strange, but true

Thanks for reading through! Stay tuned!


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6 Responses to Introducing Spot!

  1. Amanda C says:

    Interesting! That’s a breed an an ex-career that you don’t see very often.


  2. Hannah says:

    She’s a cutie! Looking forward to reading about your adventures with her.


  3. Paige says:

    I love any pony with Chrome! Can’t wait to follow you guys 🙂


  4. Stephanie says:

    Aw, Spot is totally cute! I love polo ponies; I played very briefly and was always in awe of how brave, smart, and quick the ponies are!


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