I’ve been inspired….

….to start my own horsie blog! 

I’ve never actually had a blog before, that is if you don’t count my Zanga from eons ago, but I have always enjoyed reading blogs about other peoples horsie/waitering/traveling exploits. 

I’ve been following a blog about a fellow equestrian and her adventures training her cute TB to be a jumper. Mid-post read I thought to myself, “Hey! I should make a blog for Spot and I!” 

I’ve been working on re-training my mare from ex-pro polo pony to dressage pony so being able to read about the trials, tribulations, and successes of other peoples training has made my training adventure less frustrating. I’m also going to be starting on an equine bodywork certification in the Masterson Method so I’ll be writing about that journey as well. 

So, here it begins! Let’s see where this path littered with road apples, tasty carrots, and peppermint cookies takes me. =) 

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6 Responses to I’ve been inspired….

  1. Amanda C says:

    check your link. 😉 And welcome to the world of equestrian bloggers!


  2. Welcome!! 🙂 On Zanga-I had forgotten about that!


  3. Kalin says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging!! Looking forward to reading your posts 🙂


  4. L. Williams says:

    Welcome to blogging!


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