The Weekend Report: Acupuncture and Baking

Happy Monday Everyone!


This weekend was pretty low key for us, as we didn’t have too much planned. We went to a lot of open houses in the area we’re hoping to buy a house so lots of running around. We’d love to buy property so we could have Spot at home but land is so damn expensive where we are. Maybe that will happen in the future, after we hit the lotto that is. Nothing too exciting this weekend but all the random running around is always tiring.

Waking up Sunday morning at 5:30 to be at work by 7 was painful and I wanted nothing more but to throw my alarm clock across the room. I’m pretty sure I looked something like this on Sunday:


Does anyone else wish the old Loony Tunes still played on TV?

Anyways, back to the weekend!

On Thursday Spot had an acupuncture treatment with Dr. Debby. Spot has some neck issues from polo and several people recommended that I see if acupuncture would help her relax the overbuilt muscles on the underside of the neck. I find Eastern based medicine interesting and to see it being practiced on animals and humans in conjunction with Western medicine is pretty cool. During our first session about 1.5 months ago, Dr. Debby did an overall assessment of Spot and found her to be a ‘Wood’ and ‘Metal’ horse. The 3 other elements are Water, Fire, and Earth. Here are some characteristics of the different elements, but of course not all the characteristics apply to every horse/animal…


Wood Characteristics: confident, active, energetic, athletic, steady, usually ranks high in a herd or leader when going out. fast learner, needs challenging physical work.

Metal Characteristics: clean hair coat, quiet, confident, disciplined, follows the owner’s commands, prepared for what happens next, follows the rules, even tempered, sensible, reliable and calm.

Fire Characteristics: friendly, greets strangers warmly, noisy, vocal, excited, hyper excitable, difficult to keep still, loves to be touched or petted, can be easily over stimulated. When I think Fire I think a spicy, hot horse. 

Earth Characteristics: friendly, enjoys sleeping or relaxing, eager to please, slow movements, walks, doesn’t run, easy going, mellow, can be stubborn. An Earth horse makes me think of a steady eddy, baby sitter type. 

Water Characteristics: hides or runs away, bites or kicks when afraid, not confident, watches what the vet is doing, nervous when being examined, very sensitive, submissive urination (dog), may present rump and threatens to kick when examined (horse).

What does your horse(s) seem to be? I’d love to hear! 

It might be a bit of ‘hokum’ but its interesting how Spot’s personality and behavior matches the description of Wood and Metal. My horse friends always say, “You don’t tell Spot, you ask her reallly nicely.” She is definitely the type of horse that has to decide to work with you; if you try to man-handle her things can get ugly.

Anyways…based on Spot’s history, Debby spent a lot more time on points on Spot’s neck as she was restricted in that area. Spot also showed some sensitivity in her back and hocks so we treated her for that as well. The hock sensitivity isn’t surprising for a polo pony, but for her back I had my saddle fitter come out and adjust our saddle. Along with the acupuncture, I used some of the Masterson Method techniques I learned at a 2 day clinic to help Spot release some tension. I’m going for my certification in MM so its good practice! At our second appointment she showed no sensitivity in her back so that was great news, with her hocks however, I’m going to shorten the duration between our Pentosan shots and see how she does. Spot had some great releases during our 1st and 2nd appointments, a few yawns here and there with more licking and chewing, but this last visit on Thursday she was her most demonstrative with about 10-15 yawns, many of them 3-4 in a row. Dr. Debby was super impressed with how much improvement there was in Spot’s neck and I’ve felt Spot to be more loose under saddle and stretches her neck down and out more. Also, the built up muscle on the bottom of her neck has definitely gotten smaller and is much looser. Hurray! If there is an equine acupuncturist around in your area I totally recommend having a session on your horse, I feel like acupuncture is one of those tools in the tool box to keep horses happy and working sound. 

Here are some pictures from our session:

image (12)

Mid yawn release

image (17)

These acupuncture points on the foot can be kinda sketch to put in bc you never know what a horse will do but Spot stood like a rock for these ones.

image (10)

The middle needle is targeting Gallbladder 21. GB21 is know for its ability to relax muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.

image (13)

The points on the top of her rump help with relaxation

image (11)

What a good pony!

image (7) - Copy

Big ole neck and head

image (8) - Copy

he was more cooperative this time and let us work with more points on her neck


The last part of the weekend I did some baking for a dinner with my bff who happens to be a vegan. She made a raw vegan chili, which sounds weird but is actually quite tasty, and I made a vegan double chocolate zucchini bread. It ended up more like double chocolate zucchini brownies because they were super thick and moist. The difficult thing with vegan baking is replacing the eggs so I used pumpkin puree and it turned out really well! You can’t taste the pumpkin at all. Of course, this would be useless without some food porn pics. 😛

image (15)

Yum! Super gooey and using high quality chocolate was key.

If anyone is interested in the recipe let me know and I’ll post it up. Good for when you’re craving brownies and have got some extra zucchini laying around. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The “Other Activities/Hobbies” Blog Hop will be coming up soon this week!



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8 Responses to The Weekend Report: Acupuncture and Baking

  1. Amanda C says:

    The acupuncture is really interesting!


  2. peonyckw says:

    Yeah! Its pretty cool. Spot responded so well to treatment, I was actually pretty surprised.


  3. I think my pony would be a wood and/or earth horse! The chocolate bread looks divine!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. emma says:

    glad the acupuncture is working out – and Spot looks like she’s enjoying it! i’m not super positive about the element categorization, but maybe isabel would be a mature fire + wood?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. bls says:

    super interesting to hear about the acupuncture. i LOVE it for myself, but haven’t tried it on auto. he’s had chiro and bodywork. would love to find a local acupuncturist. the closest element to him is wood, i think, but none are a clear match. glad pretty spot had a great session!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Christle says:

    I loved reading this whole post but OH LORD was I excited when I got to the vegan part!
    I’ve just begun eating a vegan diet so that chocolate zucchini bread has sparked some motivation.


    • peonyckw says:

      Hahaha! When I first met my bff and she told me she was vegan I thought vegan eating seemed like a lot o suffering and not much fun. But, having been friends with her for like 8 years now I’ve experienced some awesome vegan food. Would you like the recipe? It’s super easy and fast.

      Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to reading about your bay ponies. 🙂


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