The Weekend Report

I’m finally able to sit down and write a quick post about the past weekend…whew! It’s been a hectic few days to say the least.

Anyways, as I mentioned in a post a little while back, the Hubs and I are looking to buy a house. This whole past weekend was spent dedicated to looking at a ton of houses with my parents and getting all our paperwork in order. So, no real time spent with zee poneh. ~sand panda~ However, I did manage to go and stuff her face full of treats and give her a grooming so I was somewhat responsible of horsie parent. We ended up putting in an offer on a house so keep your fingers/hooves crossed for us!

I also got to watch Hub’s riding lesson this weekend! I usually don’t get to see it as I work so this was a treat. He’s been riding about 8-9 months consistently now and is half leasing Louie, a 15’3 TB, who Hubs (I’ll call him DH: Da Hubs) has been bringing back into shape. It’s pretty disgusting how well DH rides after only riding for such a short period of time, its funny how all the ladies at the barn kinda ooh and ahh over how nice he looks in the saddle. He’s 6 feet tall, slim, and long legged so he looks very elegant on the big horses and I look like an ant on them since I’m only 5’2 on a good day. DH would like to get into jumping as he thinks dressage is a bit of a snooze…blasphemy! He’s just about ready to start jumping so I made him and his trainer promise to let me know ahead of time so I can watch him take his first cross rail.

Anyways, I thought I’d end of this belated weekend post with a collection of pics from the weekend.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I’ve had so much fun reading people’s responses to the blog hop I posted last week!

image (1)

Mmmm…green smoothie..


DH makes a 17.3 DWB look like a normal sized horse.

image (2)

Louie and DH. Louie is so cute! DH farmers tan is not.

image (3)

Dat Azz

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3 Responses to The Weekend Report

  1. I have been bribing my hubs to get into English (he’s an avid western rider) but it is not working!! So cool that yours is so into it. And yes-he does make that enormous horse look normal 🙂


  2. emma says:

    good luck on the house hunt!! and yes – your hubby looks like a natural


  3. Karen M says:

    Good luck with the house! Pretty cool your hubs gets to start jumping soon 🙂


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