The First Rain Phenomenon

This Thursday was the first rain of the season and what a blessed event it was as we’re in a maajor drought and there’s a crazy big forest fire going on. I love how it smells when it rains and the air is always so fresh after it…hopefully we get a ton more this winter. Spot needs water, hay, and carrots!!

Besides the awesome smattering of rain we had, I experienced what I’d like to call: The First Rain Phenomenon. As it name dictates, this always happens on the first rain of the season with the event being, all the horses go batshit crazy. Does your horse(s) do this too? It’s like the rain washes away their brains and they act like they are all jacked up on the Mountain Dew (1st person to name that movie and I’ll send you some oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies).

When I walked into the pasture all the horses started galloping, bucking, squealing, and sorts of other nonsense; even the oldies out there were galavanting like spring chickens! After about 10 minutes of this:


the herd calmed down so I was able to grab Spot trek back to the barn. Now, Spot is not a spooky or act stupid type of horse but yesterday she was all of those things plus more. She was prancing, snorting like dragon, spooking at leaves, and letting out ear splitting neighs to her buddies. Half way back to the barn, the herd starts up again and starts thundering my way. Just let me say, seeing a group of horses racing towards you is definitely a butt clench moment.


Spot, of course gets 20x more jazzed and starts cantering around me, attempts to do some airs above ground, and my attempts at getting her to regain her senses go unheeded. So, I just let her be stupid on the end of her lead rope for a bit.

image (8)I'm_with_stupid

After a few more minutes of crazy horse antics, we finally make it back to the barn unscathed and Spot has recovered her brain. Of course, she had decided that she needed a mud bath spa treatment:

image (22)

The horses in the other pasture decided to go nuts too, therefore the crazy eye from Spot

image (23)

Look at that lovely, big ole neck and head

We ended up having a pretty good ride that day; she was extra forward so that was great. Her leg yield is coming along nicely and had some good shoulder in work. 🙂

I leave you this Friday with a picture of Spot trying to eat one of the cones I use for circle work, probably thought it was a carrot. Have a great weekend, ya’ll! 🙂

image (24)

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5 Responses to The First Rain Phenomenon

  1. Mine temporarily becomes evil when the temps drop for the first time in the fall. She thinks she’s wild.


  2. carolandmax says:

    haha yes! Max is certainly extra spicy when the temps started to drop!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. emma says:

    sounds like an, uh, adventure? lol we don’t exactly lack for rain in my area, but sometimes when that barometric pressure starts getting wonky, the horses just lose it. isabel doesn’t seem particularly sensitive to it, but i’ve def ridden other horses like that. glad you eeked out a good ride !!


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