Weekend Update and a Sneak Peak

Just a quickie weekend recap and a teaser pic for tomorrow’s post, but in some exciting news…


We’re now in contract and our estimated close is the end of Oct. Whee!! So glad to finally have our house, that is if everything goes as planned so fingers and hooves crossed for us. 🙂

This weekend was Welcome Week for a big international jumping show in our area so we took a few hours to go see the action. We’re hoping to go back next week for the actual International Week and watch the 55K Grand Prix, 5K Ride and Drive, and or the High Bar events. The Ride and Drive is a good one to watch as the rider jumps a course, jumps off his horse, goes over a few jumps on foot (one is usually a liverpool), then finally drives a course around the ring in a Land Rover. The rider with the best overall time wins.

photo (12)

Modified Jumpers Youth Regional Finals

Anyways, it was a ton of fun to watch some jumping action and I also wanted to check out all fancy goods that the vendors had. There was one whole booth there that basically only had Animo  ( FB Pony you would have died and gone to heaven 😛 ) and I saw this fabulous maroon/burgundy colored hunt jacket I really liked but had absolutely no reason why I would need it. However, it was ~$900, but hot damn it was nice…the DH had to drag me away in fear that I would buy all the things.


This is the example listed on the Animo website, but its much nicer in person.

DH ended up trying on some nice mens breeches as its a bit difficult to find him ones locally and he really liked the brand Winston and Animo. They are definitely cut more to his body type but he didn’t want to buy them at full price, so I’m stalking ebay now to see if I can find any for him. I also saw these belts called C4 belts in the same booth that look fun as you can mix and match belt and buckle colors. I’m thinking about ordering a White belt/Navy buckle, or vice versa, but I’m also playing around with the idea of a Navy Belt with a silver or gold buckle. So many options!!

photo (14)

That’s about all for the weekend, so I’m going to leave you with a sneak peak of my 1st product review coming up this week. 3 words, my friends…Navy Paisley Breeches.

image (34)

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9 Responses to Weekend Update and a Sneak Peak

  1. Amanda C says:

    I always love the Animo booth! I have a C4 belt on the way to me too from my soon-to-be new advertising partner for my blog (I got hot pink with a turquoise buckle and a black chrome buckle). And I love the breeches!


  2. Jenn says:

    Congratulations on getting the house!
    And walking around looking at the vendors sounds amazing 🙂


  3. Yay for the house! So exciting!! 🙂 I love me a C4 belt-but I cannot decide what combo to get and therefore have not ordered one. Slacker over here. Can’t wait to hear about the paisley breeches.


  4. emma says:

    congrats!!! sounds like a fun outing too – and i LOVE those C4 belts.


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