The Spotlight: Tropical Rider Breech Review

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things”

Brown paper packages are especially one of my favorite things when they contain breeches!

I decided I would do a review on one of my favorite brands of breeches: Tropical Rider. TR is a company down in Florida that makes breeches for all seasons and they use deerskin or lambskin for their full seats/extended patch/knee patch breeches. They are particularly known for their ultra light, wicking, Endurocool breech which people rave about for summer riding. The great thing about having real leather is that even though it does need more care, it wears like iron and stays soft and supple. Deerskin is thicker, lasts longer, and makes for a more structured breech, while lambskin is thinner and molds a bit closer to your body. TR also uses top notch fabrics like the Schoeller Prestige line which has great 4 way stretch and very durable.

image (30)

Look at my new dressage boots!! So shiny

I’m picky about having long lasting, comfortable breeches and Tropical Rider definitely fits that bill. I would like to try the new TS fabric as well as Animo and Aztec Diamond, so those are next on my list. But, back to Tropical Rider!

I took advantage of one of their 40% off sales and picked up a pair of the Freestyle breeches in Navy Paisley with a custom sized, lambskin patch. the paisley pattern is done tastefully and adds texture and fun to your normal breech.

image (34)

Love the subtle paisley pattern

The Freestyle breech is their “low rise” style and comes in either a full seat, extended patch, or knee patch style with Schoeller microfiber fabric. Now, their version of low rise isn’t low rise per say, but they are comfortable and even on someone that’s short like me (5’2) they aren’t too high waist-ed. On a taller person I would say they are mid-rise breeches. The great thing about TR is that they can customize their breeches for you with no extra charge as they are made to order. For example, the breeches I got has a different sized waist on a different sized breech body, because my bod is funky like that, with a custom extra long knee patch because I don’t like full seats.

image (27)

I’m super short and these don’t come up all the way to my bra like others do

When I’m in the saddle, the lambskin really gives a great grip without feeling like you’re glued to the saddle. Also, when your body heat warms up the leather, it molds and flexes better than any other patch material I’ve tried. The fabric that TR uses has pretty good moisture control so it breathes instead of causing a case of swamp ass; plus the 4 way stretch makes for a comfy breech without any rubbing or chafing.

image (29)

I got an extra long knee patch for a bit more grip. I specified how long I wanted it and where I wanted it to start on the breeches

If I had to be super picky about Tropical Rider, I would say that I wish their “low rise” model was more low and they had more color choices. When it comes to how durable they are, I’ve had one pair of TR breeches for 4 years and they still look new. I’m not too good about washing them correctly or putting conditioner on the leather, but they look amazing. One of my pairs got ripped when I was climbing over a fence (escaping a goat) but since the leather was still perfect I sent the leather back to TR to be recycled onto a new pair of breeches. TR will give you a credit towards your purchase if you have them use your old leather which is awesome because most of the time the fabric will wear out before the leather does.

image (28)

Their customer service is top of the line and will work with you to make sure you’re happy and your order is perfect. The ladies in the office are super sweet and they always remember my name. Orders are turned around quick for custom breeches, as mine only took about 1.5 weeks to be made and shipped.

image (32)

Rio wanted to be in the photo

image (31)

Hai Mom!

Price wise, they are more expensive because of the leather, but for as long as they last I think it’s worth the price. They have Clarino as a less expensive option to leather as well. A hint however, If you join their email list they send out amazing sale deals where you can grab a great bargain. They just had a 24hr 50% off sale! I may have bought a pair of whites for a maybe dressage show coming up. 😛

So, if you’re in the market for some new breeches I would check them out! They have  some clearance breeches so if you can find some in your size you can score a great deal. If you give them a call, tell them Peony sent ya. 🙂  Here’s a link to their website:

Tropical Rider

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8 Responses to The Spotlight: Tropical Rider Breech Review

  1. emma says:

    omg cute puppy!!! i bought a pair of TRs a year or so ago on mega discount after reading another review. and… i didn’t love the fit and never wore them before consigning them. i think it was a different version than what you have tho, bc it was just plain elastic waist with no belt loops and an odd color / material combo that was DEF gonna show sweat in a big way. just not flattering.

    anyway – love the navy paisley pattern tho and am intrigued by this ‘maybe dressage show’ coming up 🙂


    • peonyckw says:

      Hehehe…Rio is definitely a cutie. When her eyes are all big like that she reminds me of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

      I have a few pairs of their pull ons as well, and the fabric in the past year or so has changed and I like it much much better. The waistbands on the pull ons are wide and stiffer so they don’t roll over like they did before. Also! They can add belt loops! I had them put on mine. Maybe give them another shot? As long as yours aren’t custom they take returns. 😉

      But yeah…there’s a schooling show the college team is putting on so I’m thinking we might actually do our first show! Trying to find a ride there, as I am trailer-less but ya’ll will definitely hear about it if it we go green on that.


  2. Karen M says:

    I’ve never tried on a pair of Tropical Riders, but this review has piqued my interest!


    • peonyckw says:

      Dooo it. Also if you have any questions on how they fit I’d give them a call, they’re so nice and helpful. Like I mentioned above in the other comment, if they don’t end up working for you they do take returns. 🙂


  3. Sarah says:

    Never heard of them, but they look lovely! Will have to check ’em out!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. redheadlins says:

    I actually have several pairs (BEST WINTER BREECHES EVER), but all the summer ones are dead…I’ve been thinking about sending in the leather to be put on new breeches…I need to bite the bullet!


  5. Hannah says:

    Interesting, I have never heard of them before! Snazzy!

    Liked by 1 person

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