This is happening….


A super quickie post, but I’m at my wits end to get my dressage boots to soften up and drop so I’m going to attempt the “Bathtub Method”. Basically, the bathtub method is to get the boots pretty wet and wear them around all day until they dry so they mold to your legs. After reading a ton of posts on forums about how this totally works and has never hurt expensive custom boots, I thought I’d give it a shot. They are about a 1/2 an inch-1 inch too tall right now and I worry about how they would look if I got someone to cut them down. I’ve read/heard stories about boots being cut down that ended up looking horrible. I bought these boots used for only about $100…so…here we go!

I’ll have tons of video and photos documenting the process and will be recapping how it went in tomorrows post.

Happy Thursday!

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7 Responses to This is happening….

  1. bls says:

    so excited to follow this DIY!


  2. emma says:

    wow good luck – i hope it works out!!


  3. I have spent many a night standing in the shower in my boots 🙂


  4. Terise Cole says:

    I ALWAYS give my horses baths in new boots! It softens and drops them in days! Good luck!


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