Hand Gallop Blog Hop: What’s In a Name?


What’s the origin of your horse’s show name and barn name?

What a great Blog Hop topic from Hand Gallop! It’s been super fun reading responses from other bloggers. So, where to begin?

Spot sadly does not have a real “registered” name as her passport was lost along the way from when she was imported and donated to my college polo team. But, at least I know for some that somewhere out there, long, long ago, she had a papers and a legit polo name.

On that note polo ponies have some interesting names that I quite like…they have a bit of a Latin flair to them as polo is big in Argentina. These are some of the more Argentine names:

Dolfina Noruega


(Dolfina is the name of a long time ranch in Argentina, and one of the top polo teams in the world)


Means “Nugget” in Spanish



Means “King” in Spanish. Califa is also the 1st polo pony to be cloned. Pretty amazing polo pony.

Then you have some very normal, simple names like:

Sugar, Silk, 52, Oprah, Hop, and Dancer

So, a very wide variety of names.

Anyways, back to Spot’s name…

When I first met her the boys on the polo team had named her Optimus Prime, or OP for short. I have no idea why they named her that, but I think it was around the time the 1st Transformers movie came out. I thought Optimus Prime was a horrendous name so I just started calling her Spot for the spot on her butt.

photo (9)

She has quite a few nicknames she has picked up along the way like, Spotacus, Spotty, Spot-a-saurus Rex, and Butthead

I’ve decided her show name will be Spot On, that is if we ever get ourselves to a show, but till then it’ll just be Spot.

image (42)

I should really just call her “Treat Monster”

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8 Responses to Hand Gallop Blog Hop: What’s In a Name?

  1. bls says:

    great show name and barn name. and damn, that califa is a looker!


  2. Genny says:

    Spot On is really cute! I like it!


  3. Stephanie says:

    Spot is way better than Optimus Prime! I loved polo pony names- they seemed to be so much more colorful and fun than other horses I’d met. I played on Doctor J, Bubblegum, BC (stood for Big Chestnut), and Magnum. Way cooler than your average horse!


    • peonyckw says:

      You played polo too?! Awesome! Do you still play?

      The Hubs has said if he ever had a string of polo horses he’s would name them after mountain bike names like : Blur, Stump Jumper, Tall Boy, Super Fly, and etc. 😀


  4. Karen M says:

    Spot’s nicknames are adorable!


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