TBT: Polo Days

Another quickie post! In preparation for my upcoming posts about polo I dug up some old photos of me when I first started playing in college.  So, enjoy! Oh, and here’s a pic of the awesome kitchen in our new house!


Soo excited to bake/cook in this kitchen!!!


Ponies! You’ll find it interesting that a large majority of polo ponies do not cross tie at all. I found that out the hard way with Spot. But, you can hard tie polo ponies to just about anything…rock, tree, car..you name it and they’ll just stand.


My favorite mare at the time, her name was Kia. Like the car since her past owner owned a Kia dealership. 😛


Sometimes polo can look like a big cluster fu$k…and sometimes it really is


Whoo! Solid hit!

tbt2 tbt4 tbt7

Seeing all these pics gets my polo arm itching…I should go out again one of theses weekends to play. Happy Thursday to all!

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10 Responses to TBT: Polo Days

  1. nbohl says:

    I played polo when I was younger and seeing your posts is making me want to play again so badly!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bls says:

    there’s a self published novel called training harry; one of the main characters is a polo player. i think it really captured his love of the sport. (the novel was really good, albeit really long! i’d love to edit it!)


  3. Karen M says:

    Polo looks like so much fun! Your kitchen is gorgeous.


  4. emma says:

    awesome photos – definitely makes me curious to see more! (and maybe try it myself one day?) nice kitchen too!

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  5. I love your kitchen!! That island is fabulous. 🙂

    Also, is it dumb to ask…do you ever get hit by another player swinging in Polo? It seems like it would happen constantly!


    • peonyckw says:

      Thanks! I’m so excited. 😀

      And totally not a dumb question, people def do get hit sometimes during polo but there are rules that are in place so you don’t get brained. But, accidents do happen sometimes…and that’s why some people have a face guard on their helmet.

      I think I’ll actually do a Q&A post where peeps can post all the questions they have. Thanks for the idea!


  6. Kate says:

    Your kitchen is awesome! I think I’m too much of a weenie to play polo…but it’s fun to watch 🙂


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