When life gives you lemons…

..it obviously means  you need to make lemon bars!

image (60)

Bc why make an 8×8 inch pan when you can make a 9 x 13. More lemon bars = better

But, contrary to the whole “lemon” thing, things have been pretty good so far. The Hubs and I are moved into our new home and now we just a ton  few boxes left to open up so we can actually park our cars in the garage. My goal is to have the cars in by the end of the month, eek!

On the horsie front, I decided to try moving Spot to the barn down the road from the new house. As some of you might have remembered, Spot got pretty beat up in the pasture we tried her in. This time, we tried her in another pasture group with 2 very playful geldings that seriously act like they’re teenage boys. When we got her to the new place, I locked her in her stall/run area so she could meet Bowie and Denali over the fence for a few days. The boys were very curious about her and according to their owners (Denali is owned by my trainer), they love mares.

image (63)

Poor Hubby’s fancy car was commissioned to haul all my horsie stuff to the new place.

image (61)

Denali on the left, Bowie on the right

Spot on the other hand, is kind of a standoffish, independent horse and doesn’t really care for playing or socializing. I think it comes from her polo background as she’s all about being serious and work so it was going to be interesting to see how she would handle it. Over the next few days the BO kept an eye on the 3 and said he only heard squealing once or twice when the boys would go over and visit which was much better than the last time. The Hubs finally convinced me after about 4 days to turn Spot out to pasture with Bowie and Denali and that Spot was going to be just fine. With bated breath, I opened up her run door and out she went as happy as a clam since she had been locked up the last few days. Once the boys realized she was out there was a bunch of running around with Spot being her sassy self  because boys are gross and smell. 😛 Long story short, they’ve settled in pretty well together and I’m glad she is able to be out 24×7. Poor Denali though…he’s like a puppy and is always trying to go over and nuzzle/play with Spot but she kinda pins her ears and trots away like “Eww!”

image (65)

This is about as close as Spot will let Denali get to her. Poor guy…he just wants to be friends!

image (62)

Om nom nom nom…

I’ve gotten to ride Spot in arena a few times and it’s been fabulous. We’ve actually have made some amazing progress as we were going through a difficult learning curve trying to get Spot to be more consistently round. But, more on that a bit later when I can get some video and pictures!

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend and if anyone wants the recipe for the lemon bars let me know. 🙂

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7 Responses to When life gives you lemons…

  1. nbohl says:

    Happy that you were able to get the new barn to work out… looks very nice in the pics!


  2. emma says:

    those lemon bars look AMAZING! yum yum yum… and glad Spot is doing well with the new field buddies – they look like a nice group 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. EquiNovice says:

    I would make yummy desserts too if I had such a sweet new kitchen! Hopefully Spot settles in to her new assignment: even sweet boys are totally smelly and gross and definitely need someone to boss them around 😉


  4. bls says:

    so glad you’re both settling in to your new homes. and yay, especially, for spot and her new boyfriends!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Megan says:

    Those lemon bars look amazing!! Glad that it worked out to have her in the new place 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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