That’s The Spot: Tack Swap Blog Hop!

Alright my fellow equestrians and lovers of all things horsie! Let’s have ourselves a little Tack Swap! FB Pony did one back in August which was very successful so let’s do it again. It’s a great time to add to or clean out some room in your tack trunk or make a bit of $.

So, here we go!

What do you have to sell or trade, or are you in search of something specific? 

Post up pictures and prices of your things and lets have some fun. 🙂

Here are my offerings! I’m not looking for anything specific per say but something may catch my eye.

1. 6 Inch Herm Sprenger Aurigan French Link Bit: $50 shipped

I bought this used for a horse that we were thinking about buying the Hubs but we didn’t end up going through with it. Wayy too big for Spot.

image (15)


2. Wintec AP Saddle package, 17.5 inches, with CAIR and Red (wide ) installed.  Will come with girth, stirrup leathers, irons, Eous black saddle pad, and Blue (medium wide) gullet. $300 plus shipping

image (14)


3. Curvon 72 Inch Baker Plaid Sheet: $50 plus shipping 

Super clean plaid sheet with no rips or holes. Has just been washed. It has D rings for leg straps and has 2 surcingles.

image (11) image (12)


If you’re interested in any of these items or have any questions please email me at peonyckw (at) gmail(dot) com. Paypal accepted!


And GO!

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6 Responses to That’s The Spot: Tack Swap Blog Hop!

  1. bls says:

    yay! i’ll be rifling through the stuffs this evening to see what i have!

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  2. Amanda C says:

    I have to go through all of my stuff in the next couple days and get it listed, but I will NOT be looking at anyone else’s stuff!!! LOL


  3. emma says:

    hmm interesting. i am pointedly *not* looking at that sheet…. (emma: do not buy sheets for ponies that don’t belong to you!!!) but will have to look through my own stuff too. thanks for hosting!


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