Weekend Report: Raaaiiinnnn and a Trip

First things first….Thanks to everyone that participated in the Tack Swap! The link is still open so if you’d like to add your collection please do!


This past weekend was pretty much a be a couch potato/couch nap/bake stuff sort of weekend as we had a ton of rain hit our area. California is in a bit of a drought so the rain was quite welcome. Spot needs hay and carrots so bring on the rain! It was super windy so a large part of the covered arena got soaked and the BO decided to close the arena for a day. I braved the rain and checked on Spot to make sure she didn’t melt (she didn’t), gave her a good grooming, and stuffed her with some carrots.

Baking-wise, I got a basically new 11 cup, turbo, will process cement, food processor for a steal off of Craigslist. Whoo!! With the rain trapping me inside the house I thought it was a good opportunity to bakez all the thingz. I made:

1. Energy Balls!

Energy Balls are basically healthy treats that are suuuper easy to make and quite delicious. My vegan BFF sent me a list of recipes for EBs so I decided to made “Sugar Cookie” and Nutella chocolate balls (not Chef’s chocolate balls :P). All you have to do is food process all the ingredients together and shape! They were delicious. The hubs is planning to pack them on his long road and mtb rides instead of chowing down on Cliff Bars and the like. Not only do we get to save $ on not buying bars ($$ btw), but hopefully this will avoid me having to endure his stinky energy bar/goo packet farts.


Word. I really only ride my bike 6 months out of the year.

Another danger of being rained is spending copious amounts of money. I didn’t buy any tack, super proud of myself, but the Hubs and I did buy tickets to Europe for next Sept! We got married this past May and since we didn’t have that much vacay time we decided to hold off on our honeymoon. Thanks to a helpful hint from a friend, she told us that Norwegian Air had ridiculous cheap pricing on flights to Europe out of an auxiliary airport near us. And when I mean cheap, I mean cheap…we got RT tickets for $1600!!!! That’s including all taxes and fees, but damn! $800 is what you would pay for RT to like New York or something. So, for 2 weeks in September we will be going to Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague. We’re super excited and glad we have a lot of time to plan. One of the top things on my list for that trip is to go tour and watch a performance from the Spanish Riding School. That’s gonna be hella sweet.


Sooooo excited!!! Can’t wait! PC: http://www.horseandcountry.tv

I also bought 101 Dressage Exercises on Amazonย ย to help Spot and I through the training rut we’ve been having. I think introducing some of the exercises will keep things fresh and help us along our way. I also got permission to set up caveletti and some X-rails in the outdoor arena in the spring so I think I’ll toss in a little jumping work too. That should be exciting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope ya’ll are doing well! Stay dry and warm, my friends!

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8 Responses to Weekend Report: Raaaiiinnnn and a Trip

  1. Amanda C says:

    Oooo Europe! Exciting!


  2. Karen M says:

    Ooooh, looks like an awesome trip you have planned ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Europe sounds amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. emma says:

    exciting trip!! and will be curious about some of the exercises you try out of that book ๐Ÿ™‚


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