Belated 2015 Goals and some Changes

goalsWow…it’s been a bit since I’ve posted! As always, life takes over and can be a whirlwind. I thought this year I would put down into writing my goals for 2015 so there can be some type of evidence and I can be accountable for them. So, here we go!

Le Goals for Spot and I:

  1.  Go to at least 1 show

It will most likely be a schooling show as I don’t think we’re ready for a “real” show, but I really want to put what we’ve been working on to work in a judged test.  I’m hoping to do 2 shows, the first probably at Intro A/B or C (if we can get the canter figured out) and the 2nd show hopefully at Training Level! Also, it would give us a good baseline and 3rd person input on what we should work on or what we’re doing well.

2.  Better connection in the transitions 

We do struggle at keeping connected in the transitions. Spot likes to pop pop her head and hollow her back for the initial get go, but after a few strides we’re able to get into a nice working frame and rhythm. A big problem of mine, I think, is that I don’t keep the contact steady so that’ll be something for me to work on.

3. Relaxation in Lateral Work

This one is going to be tough. I get tense in the lateral work (mainly leg yield right now) which in turn makes Spot tense and stiff. I tend to get really focused on the lateral work but I’ve found that that type of mentality doesn’t work quite well with Spot. So, we’ll be breaking this work up into bite sized chunks here and there.

4. Start Spot over Fences!!!

I have been wanting to start Spot over some small fences for a while now but I didn’t have someone that knew their stuff to work with. However, the boarding situation is changing here soon and there is a very good trainer to where I’m moving to. It’ll be super fun to try something new and we’ll see if Spot takes to it. Plus, doesn’t that mean new fancy jumper tack for Spot?!


Hopefully we don’t end up like this.

Goals for Peony:

1. Get back to working out consistently, 4-5x a week


My cross fit journey took a bit of a hiatus since we moved so it’s time to start back up to get into better shape. There’s a cool little online video streaming deal called DailyBurn I get on my Roku so I’ve been doing that every morning for about a week. I’m also getting back into running, much to the joy of my dog, so that’s happening too. Gotta loose the holiday LBs!

2. Do a Triathlon


Couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. lolz

This is kind of concurrent with the above. I’ve always wanted to do one but it has never really happened even though I use to be a competitive swimmer and I’m a pretty ok cyclist. The running will be the hardest for me, but I think this is definitely doable. I’m going to be hitting the pool here soon and taking a page out of FB Pony’s book with the 0-1650 program she posted about the other day. Shooting for a Sprint triathlon in August!

These are the main goals I have in mind for 2015, I’m sure I’ll add some more as they come! But on to the Changes part of this post…

I’ve been boarding at a fabulous barn down the road from my house and it really has been great. However, last month the BO came to talk to my friend and I and told us that we were going to have find another boarding place. We wouldn’t have to leave right away and he said we could stay until March to give us some lead time. The BO is 72 years old and is in amazing shape and health for his age, but a barn with 9 horses is getting a bit much for him to handle. He and his wife reassured us it wasn’t anything against us, but a matter they had been discussing for a long time. Unfortunately, my friend and I are the only 2 boarders that aren’t family or close family friends so we’re the two that have to go. 😦

Thanksgiving 2014

I will be sad to leave this place.

Finding a decent boarding place around here is a bit difficult; it seems like finding a place that provides good hay, turnout, and good footing is nearly impossible. But, I think I’ve found a great place for Spot and I! There’s lots of pasture turnout for Spot (6-7 hours a day) and 3 nice arenas (1 is covered) to ride in, not to mention farm trails to ride on. There aren’t many horses there so it’ll be a nice quiet place to be. I have only this one picture I snapped the other day, but there will be more soon!

image (76)

Lovely green pastures!

There is also a good jump trainer there as well so I’m looking forward to jump back in the saddle (pun intended, har har) and start Spot over some X’s. I don’t know how Spot will take to it, but it should be fun, new challenge for us. Not to mention…potential new tack for Spot!!! Bc she needs all the things.

I’ve got another post about polo coming up along with some product reviews! Bring on 2015!!

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17 Responses to Belated 2015 Goals and some Changes

  1. Amanda Lee says:

    Your new barn sounds wonderful! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amanda C says:

    Yeah, jumper tack and a triathlon!!!


  3. bls says:

    yay, you can be amanda’s tri partner! hooray, i’m off the hook!


  4. KateRose says:

    Those are awesome goals! 🙂


  5. Karen M says:

    ALL the jumper tack! The new place sounds really nice.


  6. Lauren says:

    Barn shopping is not fun, and especially since your current place sounds super nice. Good luck!


  7. emma says:

    good luck with the move!!! hope the new place (and new jump trainer!!) is fab 🙂 nice goals too!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It’s seriously only 3 miles from my barn to your new one!! If I had any trust in my horse at all, I would hack over so we could walk the fields together. ALAS. Don’t think baby horse and I will be trying that hack any time soon!


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