The Weekend Report: Moving Day!

This past Saturday was Moving Day! As I mentioned in my last post, we ended up finding a really nice facility so I was both excited and a little nervous. Thoughts like these were going through my head the day before:


Illogical Brain: “What if Spot decides she doesn’t want to load?! What if she becomes a screaming nut case and then she becomes mentally scarred about loading and she never loads again?!!? OMG what do I do?!?!”

Logical Brain: “She’s a polo pony that has been loaded head to tail with 7-8  horses in a stock trailer. She has loaded with no problems for all the years you’ve had her, even that sketch ass Miley straight load…she’ll be fine in a warmblood sized slant load.”

Illogical Brain: “What if she doesn’t like it there? What if all the other ponies don’t like her or she doesn’t like any of the other horses there? What if she doesn’t like riding in that arena?”

Logical Brain: “There’s about 20 acres of actual grass pasture. She’s not going to give a rats ass about other horses because she’s going to be too busy eating. Plus, when has she ever been a herd bound horse? There are 3 arenas…she’s gonna learn to be ok in all 3 of them. Calm yourself, woman!”


Of course, my poor husband had to hear all of these and more the few days before moving. He showed me this sweater that popped up on his FB feed and said it was pretty much on point:



Anyways, on the day of our move everything went super well and not stressful at all. Spot loaded like a dream and Denali happily hopped in the trailer after her; we threw them some nibbles for the trip and away we went!


image (80)

Away we go!


When we got to the new place, their stalls were clean and ready for them, but in reality the whole property is super clean because the BO is really on top of things. We let them chill in their stalls for a bit while we put away our stuffs, they have a great tack room which I’ll get pictures of soon.  The BO said if we wanted to turn Spot and Denali out right away it would fine and that she would bring them in after a short while to get them adjusted to the grass. Awesome.

image (81)



The next day I went out to ride and Spot was just super chill and relaxed, I think it has something to do with the grass and TO. Total Grass Coma. We tacked up with no issue as sometimes when she’s in a new place she can act all antsy and girthy, but none such problems! We had a short, easy ride in the indoor arena which has got nice rubber footing and the best yet…MIRRORS!!!! However, this also means that I get to see how crooked I am doing lateral work and how my position goes to crap at moments. Oh well, at least I can now see what I’m doing wrong!


image (83)

Supa Chill


image (82)

And of course…Mirror Selfie!


I can’t wait to go out on the trails around the property! In the summer time, they cut out a galloping track around the property so that’ll be super fun. All in all, I’m happy with our move and I’m excited to be able to get some more consistent riding time in. Not to mention, hopefully starting Spot over fences!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!





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16 Responses to The Weekend Report: Moving Day!

  1. bls says:

    your new digs sound amazing! so glad pretty miss settled in A-OK. pretty sure me and amanda will have to come try out your gallop track!


    • peonyckw says:

      I’m glad too..funny thing is that she’s the only mare on her side of the barn and she’s in heat right now so whenever I take her out all the boys start screaming for her. Bwahaha!

      And yes! Come visit! 😀


  2. This place sound awesome! Glad she settled well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jodi says:

    It looks like a great place! I’m glad the move went well. Also, that sweatshirt is fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. EquiNovice says:

    Sigh… I miss mirrors. Cheers on the smooth moving day!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yay mirrors! Glad you have moved and will get to start some jumping adventures with Spot soon!


  6. emma says:

    soooo exciting!! hope you love the new digs!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. KateRose says:

    Hahah the sweatshirt is awesome. Sounds like you moved to a great place 🙂


  8. Amanda C says:

    Jelly of the indoor. Pout.


  9. vanessajean says:

    The new barn looks awesome. We just recently got mirrors in our indoor and it’s great to see how (awful) my position is. 😉


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