I LIVE!!!!



There’s been quite a bit of radio silence from the Spot and Peony camp. Work suddenly exploded due to some critical milestones and shit hit the proverbial fan. The past few weeks I’ve been working a ton of OT (OT means I can buy more horse stuff right? right?) and I’ve just been too exhausted to do anything more than quick rides on Spot, eat, and sleep.

Besides that, Spot has been doing lovely at the new barn that we moved to a few months ago! She’s def chilled out and is loving the pasture turnout she gets everyday. In fact, she’s getting a bit chunky so going to be needing to cut back on some of the good food and upping our rides. But, Spot is happy which means I’m happy and it also really helps that the barn is full service so even if I can’t get out there I know she’s taken care of.

Here’s some recent pics of the Spot for ya’ll! Hopefully now that things are slowing down I’ll have a bit more time to post and catch up on all your posts!!

image (99)

Super chill..and don’t worry she’s not hard tied, I just throw her lead rope over the stall door and she stand like a champ.

image (100)

No cookiez, no cute poneh pose. Look how shiny she is!!


Communing with baby sheep


Out in pasture with her bf, Denali

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4 Responses to I LIVE!!!!

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere, great to hear that Ms Spot has settled in well to the new place. Hopefully work slows down some and you can cash in that OT & transfer it into epic pony adventures

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  2. Jenn says:

    Extra bonus points for using a Mulan GIF 🙂

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  3. Glad to hear things are going well!! Work always makes things a bit complicated doesn’t it? Good thing it pays for shiny pony things!


  4. emma says:

    woo hoo good to hear from you and Spot – hopefully things are calming down at work soon!


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