When Your Horse Is Lame…

Or, in my case more like:

Things I Do When My Horse is Lame and I Don’t Know What’s Wrong

But first…a little update:

I’ve decided to forgo the ultrasound since ultrasound doesn’t give good images of inside the hoof capsule. It would suck to do the ultrasound, see nothing,  be ~$300 poorer (when MRI is $800 out the door), and be back at Square 1 again. So, going straight to the diagnostic big guns.

However, since not being able to ride as my 1/2 lease horse has come up a bit off the last week (augh) I’ve been extra bummed. I still do see Spot everyday to groom and take her on our prescription 20 minute hand walk, so I’m not completely without.  MRI is scheduled for next month so I wait with bated breath.

Since this lameness episode with Spot, I’ve noticed that my neurotic, crazy horse lady


Totally a crazy horse lady book.

is making appearances more often as I feel I am in a sort of Limbo, not knowing what exactly is causing Spot’s issue. Lately, it’s been a bit like this:

1. Google key terms such as:


  • “Equine intermittent lameness”
  • “Equine intermittent lameness front left”
  • “equine intermittent lameness soft tissue”

And my favorite:

  • “equine intermittent lameness, COTH forum”
  • coth

2. After reading all 15+ posts on the COTH forum, proceed to freaking out about all the possibilities Spot could have.

3. Google “Equine MRI” and “Equine MRI, COTH forum”

  • Read all the research papers about equine MRIs, the pros and cons of standing vs laying down MRIs, and other people’s experiences.

4. Freak out about Spot needing to go through General Anesthesia

5. Realize I’m going to give myself ulcers.

6. Think: “OMG! Spot was being a huge ass about picking up her hind feet yesterday! Maybe she has ulcers?!?!?!”

7. GOOGLE RAMPAGE!!!! Read everything about equine ulcers, the signs, prevention, treatment, and meds. While convincing myself that as every second passes Spot is getting more and more ulcers.


8.  Freak out to Husband and load up internet shopping cart with ulcer meds.

9. Husband looks at me like I’ve grown a 2nd head and asks if I’m all jacked up on the Mountain Dew because I have a deranged look on my face. I say no, and he pries the credit card out of my hands telling me that Spot was just being  a butthead and that its all in my head.*


*I’m pretty damn sure Spot doesn’t have ulcers…no real symptoms.

10. Regain my senses and try to remember that Spot is still fat and happy and freaking out will do me no good so I should just try to relax and be calm.

image (25)

This is my fat and happy mare. There are many fat bay mares in the world, but this one is mine.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’m so grateful to be reading all your blogs…keeps me occupied and love reading about all the ponies! Will keep ya’ll updated as this saga goes on.

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7 Responses to When Your Horse Is Lame…

  1. bls says:

    welcome to the club. you’re in great company, if i do say so myself!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pretty much yeah, that’s how it goes.


  3. Shauna says:

    I can so identify with this. Pretty much living it right now too… except I bought the ulcer meds :/


  4. emma says:

    the internet is a scary place for searching potential medical/lameness issues 😦 good luck with the MRI and the lease horse!


  5. omg google rampage…. story of my life.


  6. You know your horse is lame when all the ads on facebook change to veterinary supplies. Sending good thoughts your way!!


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