Weekend Recap: Jump Lesson!!

Before the rest of this post, just a few things from yours truly…

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Also, I made a mistake in my last post and said that all the brushes I had were Leistner, however some of them are actually Horse Haus’s own brand of brushes that are made in Germany. Hope some of you take advantage and try out some of their products.

Now, back to our scheduled programming!

Had a pretty low key weekend with a visit to the Sacramento Horse Expo for some shopping (cooling riding vest and fudge) with some house cleaning, but…

I had a successful jump lesson with Alana on Thursday! ~Cue Rocky theme song~


I sadly don’t have any photos or video, but hopefully I will next time!

But, the lesson went really well and was better than I was expecting seeing as how I haven’t jumped in probably 8-10 years. I rode a sweet TB named Riley that took super care of me and I even managed to canter a small jump course. I have to admit…I was pretty impressed with myself! All the dressage I’ve been doing lately must be doing something because Alana was pretty happy with my position..yay for dressage core! And to be honest, it was just like riding a bike; after a few cross rails I was more comfortable and more confident.

Here’s a schematic of the course I did, please forgive my shakey ass lines.


Paint is hard

When Alana set out this course for me for a second in my head I was like “uhh…are you sure about this?” But then I remembered what Nicole was talking about the other day and I decided to #bossmareup  and just go for it. It went over surprisingly well with only a little biff at Jump 3, but the 2nd time around I got it just right. Even the bending line from Jump 1-Jump 2!!


I had so much fun and I remembered why I liked jumping so much. I think I’ve fallen back in love with jumping again. This lesson also made me feel more confident as a rider, and helped me realize/remember that I have the skills, knowledge, and feel of a rider who knows what they’re doing. I feel lately with the dressage work that I get down on myself for not having progressed a ton, but lessons like this goes to show that my hard work pays off.

I definitely have plans to schedule more lessons…could this be the path to Eventing Land? If not Eventing Land, definitely the path back to jumping in general and I’m stoked!

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13 Responses to Weekend Recap: Jump Lesson!!

  1. bls says:

    i know you wanna be an eventer! hooray for jumping!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad to hear it went great!! Jumping is so much fun 🙂


  3. Hillary H. says:

    That’s awesome!! Glad you had fun. Buy all the things 😉


  4. Amanda C says:

    Definitely the path to eventingland

    Liked by 1 person

  5. emma says:

    woo hoo yay for jumping!


  6. vanessajean says:

    Sounds like a great lesson! I recently got my jumping confidence back and it’s really been fun. I’m enjoying reading your blog. 🙂



  7. Karley says:

    Yay great lesson!


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