2016 Goals…the beginning of a new era

Oh, 2016! I wonder what surprises and exciting things you have in store for Spot and I.

Since Spot is going sound after some rehab, time off, and a coffin injection, this year I feel that we can really work towards some achievable goals. So here goes nothing!

  1. Keep Spot Sound!! 

Now that Spot is sound, I’m pretty paranoid and extra twitchy about her tendons/joints/everything in general. I want to keep her happy and working well so I’ve done a lot of research on keeping her in tip top shape. I snapped up Hilary’s BoT mesh sheet that was too small for Anne, (Thanks H! 🙂 ) and I’m planning on getting some BoT quick wraps and bell boots for before and after riding therapy. Maybe start her up on some Pentosan as well? Man…I can just see the $ being sucked away.


Pretty much


2. Show 2 Times

Probably won’t be rated shows, but the university near by always has at least 2-3 dressage schooling shows a year. Definitely going to hit up 2 of them with Spot, and maybe Stubby too! I’m thinking we will do Training Level and maybe an Intro level to start with to get our sea  show legs on since Spot and I have never showed together.

3. Start Spot over Xs 

Nicole  is super excited for this. I am too, though a bit nervous as I’ve seen how excited/happy Spot gets after being lunged over cavaletti. But in all honesty, I think this will be fun and be a great way to mix shit up! I would love to be able to ride a small course with her and maybe go school some XC logs? Maybe? 😀


I can see something like this happening. Photo Credit


But I can also see this happening x_x


4. Consistent rein length, IE: Shorter Reins

This is going to be a constant battle for me, because I think my reins are short enough and then I watch video of me riding and I’m like “OMG PEONY SHORTEN YOUR REINS!!!” I’m going to work on being more aware of the length and correcting it because I’ve noticed that the more consistent my reins and contact is the more consistent Spot is. Huh…who would have thunk it?

5. Lateral Work 

I would like to get a consistent leg yield with Spot and to also start working on some Shoulder In and Haunches In. I don’t want to super school it as Spot can get a bit antsy and amped in the lateral work, but just to put down the beginning steps of it all. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more dressage lessons in so I can have someone on the ground to help me.

6. Do my 1st Triathlon


Definitely don’t want to finish last

 This was on my 2015 goals that but that all went down the toilet. However, this year my SIL is doing a Super Sprint Triathlon in May and I’m going to join her and do it too! Its a 400 yard open water swim, 6.5 mile bike, and 2.2 mile run. It’s pretty short so that way if I over train I’ll totally kill it, but if I under train it’ll be ok too. This also aligns with Goal Number 7…

7. Lose the last 25 pounds

This has been an on going battle for me, but I’ve made some significant strides towards getting this done. I have been working with a personal trainer the last few months and in the month of November, with diet and workout tweaks, I lost 14 pounds with 10 of those pounds being fat.



After seeing that progress I’m super motivated to really lose the last 25 pounds. Great for my health and getting fitter will help me be a better rider for Spot. Also, I’ll get to shop for new riding clothes. 😛


I think those are some achievable goals for the Spot Monster and I! There might be one or two things I might add or work on along the way, but I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves at the moment. I’ll be doing some quarterly check ins on these goals to see where I’m at.

It’s been great reading all of your 2016 Goals! Bring on 2016!!





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10 Responses to 2016 Goals…the beginning of a new era

  1. Hillary H. says:

    I think you’ll love the BoT! I would recommended checking out Tack of the day (sometimes they sell BoT) and then Adams horse supply as they sometimes discount the BOT products.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. KateRose says:

    #4 is my whole riding struggle. I have the floppiest reins around. I feel you!

    Three cheers for BOT 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


    Also… I legitimately did a double take at that jumping pic… I was like “I don’t remember showing Murray at a venue quite like that before? I don’t remember that jump? Whaaa…?” Total dumdum moment until I realised it really wasn’t us. Hah.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. emma says:

    ooooh so many fun goals – goooood luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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