The Epic Weekend: Pony Sleepover and the WSS 1 Day Event

Again, super late, but whatevs it was a pretty freaking awesome weekend.

With the WSS 1 Day Event approaching, Andy and I got lassoed into helping with the XC timing and stadium timing. Andy has run the timing systems for Cyclocross races and MTB races so it that was perfect, but I had never timed for stadium for so I was a touch worried I might F-up everything and angry eventers would hunt me down. Thankfully, no Peony Lynching occurred.

Since Megan also volunteered to help at the event and L was suppose to be in the area, we had plans for an amazing sleepover ala Saddle Club style, but sadly L couldn’t make it up. ~sad panda~ Megan fell in love with our dog Rio and Rio decided she was pretty cool too.

image1 (15)

How can anyone resist that face?!

Megan and I ended up staying up wayyy too late talking about ponies, why dressage is so hard, jobs, and how to get more ponies. We would decide we were going to bed but then we would go off on another tangent and end up staying up another 20-30 minutes. Such good conversation!


So much awkward in this photo

We were up early the next day and off to WSS armed with snacks, coffee, and sunblock. I was in charge of setting up the whole stadium timing system which was a bit nerve wracking but I got that shit figured out and made it my bitch by the first couple of rounds. The head jump judge was pretty pleased with my skillz and told the organizers I needed to stay being the timer because she has never had a SJ timing go so well.  It went quite smoothly over in the SJ arena though I wish I could have caught some of the XC  and dressage, maybe next time!

image3 (2)


There were over 150 riders for the event so the last SJ round was the Intro Level which seems quite attainable for The Flying Potato and I. 2 ft max? Love it. Also, I heard that the XC portion was smaller than anything we had schooled at Camelot the month before, so totally doable! I planted a seed into Megan’s head that we should both do an Intro event. Dancing Hippo and Flying Potato at the same event?! Maybe one day soon!!!

Overall, it was a pretty epic and exciting weekend! It was so much fun hanging out with Megan and being able to help the even run smoothly while being able to watch some talented riders and horses jump sticks. I highly recommend volunteering if you get the chance!

image4 (1)

Blogger Photo!


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5 Responses to The Epic Weekend: Pony Sleepover and the WSS 1 Day Event

  1. L. Williams says:

    So sad I couldn’t make it! 😦 Want to steal Rio


  2. Hillary H. says:

    What a fun weekend!


  3. Megan says:

    Rio is the best!! Such an awesome weekend, we need to do it again soon!


  4. Emma says:

    Omg dancing hippo and flying potato- incredible haha. Sounds fun!!


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